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Graphite Products

Graphite is a semimetal derived from carbon that may be synthetized or found in nature. In its natural state, it is usually dark to medium gray, brittle shiny and electrically conductive, though it ranges from type to type, of which it is available in three forms. Naturally occurring graphite is found as lump graphite, crystalline flake graphite or amorphous graphite. Lump graphite is found in lumps fissures and veins underground; crystalline flake graphite is flat with hexagonal edges and amorphous graphite is very flake. A process by which synthetic graphite could be made was first discovered in 1893 by a man named named Charles Street. Later, in the mid-1800s, another process by which synthetic graphite could be made was accidentally discovered by Edward Goodrich Acheson, who patented his method in 1896 and began commercial production in 1897. Today, all types of naturally occurring graphite, as well as machined graphite and carbon graphite, can be used to create to create graphite products.

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